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I'm not in the Mortgage Business anymore.

I have decided to go back to getting"true residual income"again.

"Which means to get continued income without working"

ONLY way I know to do that is either in Insurance or MLM;

I decided to do both with a new Venture  (HGI-resigned at 12:01am on 9/14/2012 because of too many Hawaii Law Violations) started this year(2012).

I have gone back into the insurance industry

(last time in 80's-now its completely changed for the

better and easier to make $$ part-time (even 6-figures without monthly products or services requirements yourself. so>>

I'm Currently looking for

Part-time/Full-time Leaders for this.

If interested> email me.

for more info: call (808)447-9019 or
Email: Richard your resume
w/contact numbers and email address.